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youth4youth speaker for school assembly

Hear what youth have to say!


    “It is truly an amazing experience.”  Elizabeth C. – 9th

    “It was an eye opening experience.”  Ryan S. 10th

    “This training has changed my outlook on life.  Natalie Mc., 10th

    “I believe this is a powerful program and it changes many lives.”  Miranda – 6th

    “I’ll change my attitude to change what effects me.”  Gus S. – 10th

    “It was an uplifting experience that made me believe in myself.”  Jessica Z. – 11th

    “Don’t hold yourself back from the world, odds are they will like you.”  Jen. H., 11th

    “Today’s training opened new doors and closed the old ones.”  Erica E., 8th

    “Bullying is a bad thing.  Don’t hurt others, make a change, now.”  Holly C., 7th



youth4youth speaker for school assembly
The Youth4Youth Program


The Youth4Youth Program and Ultimate Leadership Training develops leadership and success skills in youth, empowering them to create solutions and make a difference in their school building, community and beyond. Character Education, leadership development and anti-bullying programming all in one. And the best's student driven and designed to be self-sustaining!  



    Y4Y Builds & Promotes

        • Respect
        • Accountability
        • Self-confidence
        • Leadership
        • Responsibility
        • Character
        • Healthy Lifestyle Choices
        • Safe Schools


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To be active in 20,000 schools globally by 2020,

As an ongoing system to promote peaceful and positive educational environments

that develops personal responsibility and leadership skills in all students.


2020 Vision

Our 2020 Vision is to effectively and efficiently be active in 20,000 schools

globally by 2020, giving Youth4Youth the ability to have a positive impact on

over 2.5 million youth, worldwide, each year.